Jesus was a master story teller and still today story telling is one of the most effective ways to get a truth across to people.  Use craft time to enhance your story telling.

Long ago I had drawn cartoons to go along with a missionary story.  Recently on mission Sunday, I thought I would pull out that old story and read it to the kids, but to my dismay, I could not find the cartoons that went along with the story.  I searched my home and my computer but could not find them.

After prayerful thought, I decided that I would put craft time at the beginning of the service and have the kids draw the pictures.  I gave the children a detailed description of the missionary and then told each child what to draw in their picture.  At the end I gathered up the pictures and used them at story time.

Obviously this only works this way in a small group Sunday School class.  If I were teaching a large group, I would chose 10 kids and have them come to the front, give them the instructions, and have them draw while I proceeded on with the rest of the service.  You then would want to have someone to scan them or take photos of them to be imported into a power point presentation.

Anyways, the children’s enjoyed it and had a good laugh at each other’s pictures and I believe the missionary was honoured.