Moses Curriculum


This volume of curriculum covers the Life and Ministry of Moses beginning at his birth and ending with his death.  The Ten Commandments are not covered in any detail in this curriculum because there is a volume dedicated to the Ten Commandments on our products list.

Each volume of Children’s Church curriculum has 13 weeks of lessons.
Each lesson includes:
a cartoon bible story,
lesson outline,
puppet show,
object lesson,
Some curriculae follow a specific topic but most of the Children’s Church Curriculum is going through the bible in chronological order.

Kids and teachers love these Children’s Church Curriculum.


Lesson 01 Birth of Moses.
Theme:  God helps those people who decide to be courageous and do the right thing.

Lesson 02 The Burning Bush
Theme: God works in our hearts to make us willing to do his will for our lives.

Lesson 03 First Visit to Pharoah
Theme:   If you are obeying God and doing his will and things seem like they are getting worse instead of better, don’t give up.  

Lesson 04 The Stubborn King
Theme:  Stubbornness brings suffering.  Obedience brings blessing.

Lesson 05 The First Passover
Theme:  Jesus our Passover lamb has rescued us from the judgment to come.

Lesson 06 Crossing the Red Sea
Theme:  Nothing catches God by surprise.  He has a perfect plan ready to rescue his people.

Lesson 07 Provision in the Desert
Theme:  We need to develop an attitude of gratitude.

Lesson 08 The Golden Calf
Theme:  God is looking for people who love him and are loyal to him no matter what happens.

Lesson 09 Building of the Tabernacle
Theme:  God wants to live among his people.

Lesson 10 Miriam’s Leprosy
Theme:  Disrespect to godly leadership is a BIG deal to God.

Lesson 11 Spies are sent into Promised Land
Theme:  When we put our faith in God’s strength and not our own strength, great things can happen.

Lesson 12 Korah’s Rebellion
Theme:  We should not rebel against the leaders that God has chosen for us, but we should lift them up in prayer and help them in their work.

Lesson 13 The End of the Wilderness Years
Theme:  A meek heart is a heart prepared for the Master’s use.