Life of Jesus Christ Volume One


Each volume of Children’s Church curriculum has 13 weeks of lessons.
Each lesson includes:
a cartoon bible story,
lesson outline,
puppet show,
object lesson,
Some curriculae follow a specific topic but most of the Children’s Church Curriculum is going through the bible in chronological order.

Kids and teachers love these Children’s Church Curriculum.


Life of Jesus Christ Volume One

(This curriculum covers first half of the Life of Jesus Christ with emphasis on the events of his life and the miracles he performed.)

  1. Mary says “Yes” – Principle: Jesus can relate to us because he became one of us.
  2. Angels appear to Shepherds – Principle: God has Goodwill towards people. God loves people.
  3. Wisemen Visit – Principle: Wise people seek God. Fools often become tools of the devil.
  4. Jesus at Twelve – Principle: We should take God’s business seriously.
  5. Temptations by Satan – Principle: Jesus’ secrets to whipping temptation.
  6. Wedding in Cana – Principle: Co-operating with God. Doing our Part.
  7. Man Lowered through the Roof – Principle: Don’t give up when obstacles come.
  8. Woman at the Well – Principle: Jesus is the source of living water.
  9. Jesus chooses his disciples – Principle: God wants to use all of us.
  10. Raising of Jairus’ daughter – Principle: Fear and Doubt can nullify faith.
  11. Maniac of Gadara – Principle: Jesus sets people free and changes them.
  12. Woman with the Issue of Blood – Principle: We must not be double-minded.
  13. Rejection at Nazareth – Principle: God’s sheep hear His voice no matter who gives God’s message.

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