Here are more stories from Simon David the director of the home for children in India.  You may contact him if you wish at blessingchild2002@yahoo.com

This is Ezra, this boy ran away from his home and was wandering on the roads. As one of the cops who is known to me requested me to take him in our home, hence he is with us.

(photo not included for child’s protection)

George’s father (name changed) had many wives. As George was a hinderence to him, he wanted to get rid of George. One day his father came with a knife to kill him. This boy with some injuries came and landed in our home with his mothers concern. His father is still in a hunt for George.

This Raveli, she lost her father with AIDS. She ran away from home and landed in her uncle’s house. When he heard about our home he requested us to take her in our home.  Long after we taking her, her mother Lakshmi from whom all the evil sprits were delivered. She is the one from whom all the knifes/bottles/bricks/stones came out. Today she is delivered and she is well.

This Ajay, she lost both his parents from AIDS. He is been abandoned by his own family members and the society.