Children’s Church Curriculum

Rocksolid Bible Story Children’s Church Curriculum is an action-packed church program designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years.  The program features bible stories in cartoon format and much humour thereby holding the attention of today’s media driven child.   It is highly recommended that you use the older children in the class to perform the puppet shows and be involved in the skits.
Rocksolid Bible Story Children’s Church Curriculum volumes each contain 13 programs arranged in the same format as the sample programs featured on this web site.  When purchased, the volumes are downloaded by you directly to your computer.

What does each children’s church program contain?

  • Teachers Schedule & Props List
  • Memory verse Games
  • 1 Review Game with review questions
  • Lesson Outline
  • Puppet Show
  • Skit
  • Object Lesson
  • Cartoon Bible Story (The cartoons may be made into overhead transparencies or shown as a Power Point Presentation.)
  • Memory Verse Handout with word search to take home.
  • Tips for teaching lessons, performing dramas, operating puppets and reading stories.
  • Each volume of curriculum gives two teaching options. There is a Two Worker Version for use when you have only a couple of workers in the room. There is a Four Worker Version for use when you have at least 4 people participating in the program.

Curricula Available: 

  1. LIFE OF CHRIST – VOLUME ONE ©  (Click Here to Order)
  2. Life of Christ – Volume Two ©  (Click Here to Order)
  3. Parables of Christ ©  (Click Here to Order)
  4. GENESIS ©  (Click Here to Order)
  5. MOSES CURRICULUM ©  (Click Here to Order)
  6. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ©  (Click Here to Order)
  7. PRAYER CURRICULUM ©  (Click Here to Order)
  8. PSALM 91©  (Click Here to Order)
  9. WISDOM FROM PROVERBS©  (Click Here to Order)
  10. FAITH, HOPE & LOVE©   (Click Here to Order)
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