Bible Stories Testimonials

What kids say about Rocksolid Bible Stories formerly known as the Cartoon Bible Series (Cartoon Bible Stories):

“This is an excellent book! I love the layout and the pictures. I especially enjoyed the story about when Jesus said to a crowd of people that he who has not sinned may throw the first rock and everybody left the building. I think the cartoon bible stories are so beautiful and happy looking that anyone would love to read this book! Anyways, I love what you are doing!”

– Jillian, age 12

“I like your book a lot! I especially like two stories: Wise and Foolish Young Ladies and the Parable of the Gold Pieces. I love your cartoon bible stories and the way you phrase things. Thank you for letting me read it.”

– Christina, age 9

“You should buy this book because you will understand the words and there are nice cartoons. Ya it’s nice.”

– Alessandra (age 9)

“It’s fun to read because it’s big, creative and colourful and it won’t make you fall sleep.”

– Roberta (age 12)

“I think it is very good. It is fun to read. It is easy to read because it is in comic form. Before when I read the bible I would fall asleep, but now it’s more fun to read.”

– Joey Ricottone (age 11)

“It is really fun to read ‘cause I really like reading comics and I really like reading the bible. One time I was not feeling well and I read the cartoon bible stories and I started to feel better. It makes it easier to understand and it is fun to read. I am learning things about Jesus that I didn’t know before.”

– Cody Ricottone (age 9)

“You should get this bible because it is easy to understand. It has great narration. I like the pictures too. Last night I learned that nobody could trick Jesus.”

– Samantha (age 10)


What parents say about Rocksolid Bible Stories formerly known as the Cartoon Bible Series (Cartoon Bible Stories):

“Very excellent book! Great visuals. True to the Word.”

– Marion (Mom of above-noted Christina)

“It is awesome to see my kids so eager to read their bibles before bed. Now no matter what time I put the kids to bed, their bibles have become a “must” read.”

– Julie Ricottone (mother of the above-noted Joey and Cody)

“Visually enticing. I so enjoyed reading the stories I grew up hearing, put into an easy to follow and lightly comical rendition of the bible. It is refreshing and enjoyable to view the pictorial expressions of the characters.”

– Sam (father of above-noted Samantha)


What Christian Educators say about Rocksolid Bible Stories formerly known as the Cartoon Bible Series (Cartoon Bible Stories):

“We have received the curriculum and have started using it…..and we love it.  The kids love the cartoons.  I have never seen them so still while listening to a Bible story.  The cartoons are definitely a God idea.”

– Monica, Freedom Warriors Church, Canyon, Texas

“I love the pictures (Kids do too) and its great to have a library of these and to use them for different messages. Great idea and I am looking forward to the coming CDs!”

– Judy Harvey Children’s Pastor – Concord First Assembly

“As long-time Christian Education workers, my wife and I have found Patricia’s artistic creations to be a valuable resource in our ministry to children. The cartoon bible stories are masterfully done and offer an excellent visual that can be used to complement the life-changing truths we bring to the children each week from God’s word.”

– Jim Miles, Autobody Instructor, Mohawk College

“This book will is an amazing tool for both parents and Christian educators. The stories and illustrations help bring the Bible to life for today’s generation. My kids at home and at Church are captivated with this retelling of God’s Truths.”

– Rev. Randy Hounsell
Children’s Pastor (16 years) Father (10 years)

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