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Free Cartoon Bible Stories


Free Cartoon Bible Stories have been made available to be downloaded free of charge with the goal that the knowledge of the Lord should cover the earth.   Anyone is free to download and share the stories AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT SOLD FOR PROFIT.

Text is based on the King James Version of the bible paraphrased by Patricia Loranger.  All illustrations and cartoons are by Patricia Loranger.  Copyright © 2012 Patricia Loranger.

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OT001 Creation
OT002 Adam Gets a Wife
OT003 The First Disobedience


Read Along Bible Stories PART 1
OT001 Creation
OT002 Adam Gets a Wife
OT003 The First Disobedience
OT004 Cain Kills Abel
OT005 God Takes Enoch
OT006 Noah’s Ark
OT007 Ham’s Lack of Respect
OT008 Tower of Babel
OT009 Abram and Sarai
OT010 Abram and Melchizedek
OT011 Isaac is Born
OT012 Ishmael is Sent Away
OT013 Sodom and Gomorrah
OT014 Abraham’s Big Test
OT015 Isaac Gets a Wife
OT016 Rebecca Has Twins
OT017 Jacob Deceives His Dad
OT018 Jacob’s Dream
OT019 Jacob is Deceived
OT020 Jacob is Blessed
OT021 Jacob Wrestles with God
OT022 Everyone Recommits to God
OT023 Joseph and His Brothers
OT024 Joseph the Faithful Servant
OT025 Joseph Becomes the Governor
Read Along Bible Stories PART 2
OT026 The Famine Begins
OT027 The Brothers are Tested
OT028 Joseph Reunited with his Family
OT029 Moses is Born
OT030 Moses and the Burning Bush
OT031 First Visit to Pharoah
OT032 The Stubborn King Part One
OT033 The Stubborn King Part Two
OT034 The Passover Lamb
OT035 Crossing the Red Sea
OT036 Complaining Displeases the Lord
OT037 The Ten Commandments
OT038 The Golden Calf
OT039 The Tent of Meeting
OT040 Jethro’s Advice
OT041 Moses Sees Back of God
OT042 Building of the Tabernacle
OT043 God Sends Quail
OT044 Miriam Becomes a Leper
OT045 Twelve Spies are Sent Out
OT046 Korah’s Rebellion
OT047 Moses’ Big Mistake
OT048 Balaam and His Talking Donkey
OT049 Joshua Becomes the New Leader
OT050 Moses Dies
Read Along Bible Stories PART 5
OT097 Solomon’s First Test
OT098 Solomon Builds the Temple
OT099 Solomon Worships Idols
OT100 The Kingdom is Divided
OT101 Jeroboam and the Golden Calves
OT102 Disobedience Kills a Prophet
OT103 Asa King of Judah
OT104 Elijah and the Widow Woman
OT105 Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
OT106 Elijah and the Still Small Voice
OT107 Naboth and His Vineyard
OT108 Micaiah prophecies against Ahab
OT109 Jehoshaphat and the Praise Army
OT110 Jehoshaphat’s Doomed Ships
OT111 Ahaziah is Judged
OT112 Elijah is taken up to Heaven
OT113 Healing of the Water
OT114 Elisha is Jeered
OT115 The Widow’s Oil
OT116 Shunamite Son Raised from the Dead
OT117 Death in the Pot
OT118 Bread Multiplied
OT119 Naaman is Healed
OT120 Gehazi’s Big Lie
OT121 Axe Head Floats

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It is my hope and desire, that these stories would be translated into many languages and that I could make them available for free download as well.

If you would like to take on the project of translation into your language, I would be most happy to hear from you.  This is how I would propose we begin the process:

  • Contact me by email to express that you are interested to begin translation.
  • I will email to you one complete story with the text empty.
  • You are to review the same story from the English language stories of this web site and then add your text under the appropriate picture.
  •  Save the story and then email it back to me.
  • Once the project is done, we will put them online free of charge for anyone to download
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