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What is Rocksolid Children's Church Curriculum?

It is action-packed children's church programs designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years.
The curriculum volumes each contain 13 programs arranged in the same format as the sample programs featured on this web site.  The volumes can be downloaded or purchased as a compact disk.

What does each children's church program contain?

  1. Teachers Schedule & Props List
  2. 2 Memory verse Games
  3. 1 Review Game with review questions
  4. Lesson Outline
  5. Puppet Show
  6. Skit
  7. Object Lesson
  8. Cartoon Bible Story (The cartoons may be made into overhead transparencies or shown as a Power Point Presentation.) 
  9. Memory Verse Handout with word search to take home.
  10. Tips for teaching lessons, performing dramas, operating puppets and reading stories.
  11. Each volume of curriculum gives two teaching options. There is a Two Worker Version for use when you have only a couple of workers in the room. There is a Four Worker Version for use when you have at least 4 people participating in the program.

Who developed Rocksolid Children's Church Curriculum?

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Statement of Faith

Patricia Loranger began developing the curriculum in 1999 to teach her own children's church class. Patricia has been a children's church minister since 1986. When Patricia began heading up a ministry busing community children to the church, she realized the need for the cartoon bible stories. The children retain so much more of the bible story when they can see pictures at the same time. The stories are written in such a way that children can relate to the characters and many of them are humourous. The point of the stories and the lessons is not just to learn the details, but to understand the principles and be able to apply them in our own lives.


What others say about Rocksolid Children's Church Curriculum?

"The content in your curriculum couldn't be any better than it is as far as I am concerned. It is well worth the money and you are not charging a lot at all. Also once purchased the church can re-use it, which I think is more fair to purchasers. I like the idea of having it on disk so that any changes can be made before printing. It is absolutely excellent!"

From Grace V., The Life Centre, Burlington, Ontario.

"I love the pictures (Kids do too) and its great to have a library of these and to use them for different messages. Great idea and I am looking forward to the coming CDs!"

Judy H., Children's Pastor - Concord First Assembly

"Rocksolid Kids Curriculum has definitely met our children's church needs and we have been very pleased with it. Thanks!"

~Brad W., Kingsway Christian Church, Omaha, NE

"Two weeks ago we celebrated our one year birthday of Rocksolid at Bethany Church in West Monroe, Louisiana. We had a BIG party!  We had previously not had a program on Wednesdays for children.  Now we are using Rocksolid, and it is working out very well. I feel that the curriculum magnificently presents the TRUTH of the gospel.  You have done an outstanding job of making the issues simple enough for children to grasp while at the same time maintaining the integrity and truth of God's word.

Please keep up the good work.  I can't wait for more programs."

Lisa W., Bethany Church, West Monroe, Lousiana

"I have really enjoyed your curriculum.  I think it's good stuff with a lot of variety and plenty to pull from even if I don't use it all. Thanks."

Lori Y., New Life Church

"We have used your material twice and have been very happy with it.  We like the fact that you include Bible stories with each lesson.  We especially like the fact that you have pictures with the stories.  We normally copy those pictures on overhead projector sheets which we show during the story.  Often times we have a helper coloring those sheets while the story is read.  Gives the kids a focal point.  But we do love your material.  Keep up the good work."

Marsha C., River of Life Family Church, Alton, IL"

"Dear Patricia, we so enjoyed the Psalm 91 curriculum and all my master teachers are asking if you have any other curriculum ready."

From Sharon S., Grace Christian Fellowship, Fergus, Ontario

Thank you for considering our curriculum
and don't forget to download your free sample!

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